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Wikimedia Commons. Although not the first to make a time capsule, Westinghouse was one of the first to approach it scientifically, locking items in a non-corrosive and considerably hard metallic alloy called Cupoloy, created especially for the exhibit.

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Its creator, Thornwell Jacobs, started building in , three years before Westinghouse. But he didn't close the room until The contents of the Westinghouse capsule include small, common items, like men's and women's grooming tools and children's toys; various textiles and materials used in manufacturing and technology; miscellaneous items, such as money and seeds; a microfilm essay; and a newsreel.

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The capsule also included a "Book of Record," which outlines its contents and purpose. The book describes the "key to English" to preserve our modern language and also asks that future generations translate it into whatever new tongues the future holds.

Ocean Time Capsules

All rights reserved. The time capsule recently dug up in Poland contained newspapers and coins, which are often put in time capsules but are rarely of much interest to future generations.

100 Year Old Time Capsule Was Finally Open

In , the capsule, a copper cylinder, was buried with a formal ceremony in the foundation of one of the buildings of a training center the Nazis were constructing to indoctrinate future leaders of the Third Reich. The training complex, named Krossinsee, survived the war and is currently being used by the Polish army.

Shenandoah U Time Capsule Reveals Ancient, Mysterious Treasures of

But on September 6, archaeologists—excavating some 20 feet down through thick concrete, wading through standing water, and skirting land mines left by the Nazis— finally extracted the capsule. They opened it a week later. The results were disappointing. Local historians had learned that the cylinder might contain a documentary of the town commemorating its th anniversary in celebrations held a year earlier.

Westinghouse Time Capsules

But the container held no film. Disappointment is the all-too-common outcome when time capsules are opened. Newspapers, books, and official documents can offer insight into days gone by, but such materials can usually also be found in libraries and archives. Jezebel The Muse. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service.