Deceptive Clouds of Joy (Extraterrestrial Astral Travelers - Trilogy -Bk 1)

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Sinera, Hi.


I refer to three major types of environments in Adventures Beyond the Body, Chapter 3 page These areas are often described as voids, empty space or featureless. His answer highlights the Void's buffer zone aspect with regard to a more traditional angle.

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For Kurt the Void experience or state occurs by the shifting of one body to another and therefore with it from one plane to another since bodies correspond to their planes e. His answer is thus very interesting and really gives a different and unique but also highly valuable perspective. It's not the name of a distinct place or state of consciousness, though there are places and states of consciousness that can be experienced as void of content. In my opinion, an experience of voidness means only that the required inner senses aren't available to perceive the environment or state one is in.

Often this is a result of shifting from one body to another in the aura which is probably what you mean by phasing, another fancy but probably meaningless word. It's easy to move one's awareness between the bodies and then the question arises as to whether that body's senses are capable of perceiving the plane that body operates on. Sometimes the body is turned away from the plane and an experience of voidness occurs. Sometimes, as mentioned, the inner senses aren't sufficiently developed to perceive the plane, or even presence in a different body.

In theosophical literature there is a novel explanation of four states of consciousness described in ancient Sanskrit texts: waking, dreaming, deep and dreamless sleep, and samadhi or ecstasy. For most people, waking correlates to the physical body, dreaming to the astral body, dreamless sleep to the mental body, and samadhi to the causal body. The notion of samadhi is said to correspond to the highest body you have access to, but from which you can bring back no memory of experience, except the feeling of ecstasy.

That would be what is called the void in the OBE literature you asked me about. More advanced souls bump everything up a level: They're constantly awake in both the physical and astral realms, they dream in the mental body, experience dreamless sleep in the causal body, and samadhi in the buddhic body.

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Really advanced souls would experience waking consciousness in the physical, astral, and mental bodies, dreaming in the causal body, dreamless sleep in the buddhic body, and samadhi in the nirvanic body. What creates the feeling of voidness is that only one or two chakras of the body in question are active:First chakra gives the sense of being in a different body, but no sense of being in a space.

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The body may itself be perceived as a self-contained space; no beings, no possibility of movement. This would be one example of voidness. Second chakra gives the sense of being in a different space or on a plane, but without perception of beings, and with no experience of movement. This would be a more expansive experience of voidness. Third chakra provides movement. Fourth chakra provides ability to perceive other beings and identify them through empathy. Fifth chakra provides ability to communicate with other entities.

Sixth chakra coordinates all sense perceptions from other chakras into a coherent whole. Seventh chakra dissolves the perceptual biases of a body and plane in preparation for shifting the focus of exploration and growth to the next higher body.

As far as your own practice is concerned, it's good to hang out in the voidness, since that gets you used to being in a body. A next step would be to hang out there and request help or training for movement within that body, working with teachers in that body, and so on.

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A series of simulations designed to develop the inner senses of that body might then show up. This place, if it can even be called that, called The Void, seems to be a dimensional area with no structure or content.

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Because of the lack of information concerning this phenomenon, anything I might say is purely speculative. I have found myself there a dozen or so times, but not for many years. It is quiet and dark and non threatening. Astral projectors will occasionally find themselves in the void. They are aware that they are out of body, but that is all. There is zero sensory input. It is just very quiet and dark.

There is no sense of anything No sense of up or down. This can be likened to being in a dark float tank. Or, like being inside your mother's womb at night while she sleeps. Total sensory deprivation. No sense of even having a body.

The void is completely non threatening. It is very peaceful there. At times I have found myself there, I have been unable to project elsewhere, or even to deliberately return to my physical body.