Hiking Tall: Mount Whitney In A Day Third Edition

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Sadly many do not appreciate it as they merely use it as a drop spot before going up towards summit. What's great about Whitney Portal is you go from ft elevation of Lone Pine to of Whintey Portal with very little winding roads.

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So you have alpine delight with little road time. The tall shady pines.

Hiking Tall : Mount Whitney in a Day Third Edition

Cute campground with moderate and difficult day hikes. With Mansanar just to the north and Fossil Falls to the south. The Plan: Arrive Friday June 21 in the evening. Get there when you can. No set arrival time. The earliseist we can be in the campiste is 2PM. I am putting 7 as most will arrive between 7PM and midnight. Sun: 20 min drive to Alabama Hills and spend the day there. The site is booked for Sunday Night too so you can get an extra day out is the stunning nature.

This is intended as Whitney for everybody trip. No matter who you are,. We will go slow and easy. Nobody is left behind. Mountaineering on the Mount Whitney Trail is also very popular but generally there is not enough good snow above Trail Crest to make this worthy for skiing or boarding. While winters in the Sierra are relatively mild, compared to say New Hampshire's Mount Washington and Presidential Range, there are some things to consider:.

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Those feeling the effects of the altitude will want to stay at Outpost Camp, however, most people making a multi-day trip stay at Trail Camp. During "bear season," you should be prepared for both bears and marmots. In recent years, bears have been known to make it up to Trail Camp so bear-resistant food containers are now required for overnight trips along the Mount Whitney Trail between May 25 and October If you do not have a bear-canister, rangers will ask you to "leave the area.

Hiking Tall Mount Whitney In A Day Third Edition

All camping should be at least feet from the lakes. Human waste should be buried inches deep and at least feet 70 paces from any campsite and water source. Toilet paper should be packed out. Wonder who that old earthquake sharp thinks is running this country, anyhow? The appellation of what is now known as Mt. Despite Clarence King 's amusing inability to be the first to scale this great peak the highest in the contiguous United States, no doubt a large contributor to his desire to be the first ascentionist , his boss happened to be Josiah Whitney Whitney happened to be chief of the California State Geological survey at the time.

As Whitney kept on approving the paperwork funding yet one failed expedition to summit the mountain after another for his obsessed henchman King, King felt compelled to express his gratitude in a meaningful manner. Whitney thus became Mt. Whitney, despite his academic qualifications, held various misperceptions commonly known today to be falsities. Shasta after Whitney.

Whitney Portal Store : Provides weekly trail report from June to October among many other useful things. Information for Mt. Whitney hikers, maintained by the Mt. Whitney Hikers Association. Badwater Ultramarathon : Although this mile race officially ends at Whitney Portal due to the permit quota, runners have continued to extend this to the Mount Whitney Summit for a "true finish.

Available from BarnesAndNoble. Whitney Zone.


This affects all visitors that will day hike into the Mt. Whitney Day Use quota of people each day. Visitors with an overnight permit into the Mt Whitney Zone do not require an additional day permit, the overnight permit is valid.

It is true that there are only day-use permits. Most are reserved in advance. There are a lot of cancellations. After 3pm the day before the permit date, about day-use permits are available. Do yourself a favor, don't bother reserving a permit. It will be almost certainly be available the day before you need it. Also, there is no fee for getting a permit the day before it is used as a walk-in permit request.

I drove down from Bend, OR, and was not concerned about getting a permit. It took me to top and back to Portal. I had a permit but nobody seemed to care. I hiked alone and decided early on into my hike not to waste time taking pictures going up. I kept a high tempo and did not really stop until at about 14, ft where I got a nose bleed.

travels to the Poles and in between

I stuffed some toilet paper in my nose and continued like a maniac since I did not want to lose time. Coming down it was a different story: I took pictures, looked around but most importantly, all hikers I passed on my way up were coming up puffing and struggling. A few tips: 1 do not make the mistake, as many do, to attempt to sleep in the car at the Portal for acclimatization and early start. There is so much noise at the Portal during night, one cannot rest. Lot of people told me how tired they were due to noise, bright Moon-light and other factors. Cars are coming and going 24 hours.

People drag coolers, laugh, scream and open and close the metal food storage containers all the time. I needed 3 bottles of water and 2 of Gatorade for the whole hike.


FAVORIT BOOK Hiking Tall: Mount Whitney In A Day Third Edition READ EBOOK

I got hydrated very well the day before and drank a good coffee and Gatorade 01 Prepare before the hike. They helped me a lot. I live almost sea level: altitude over 11,ft kills me. With the pills though I did not feel the effects of it. I spelt in a motel in Lone Pine. The drive to the portal was 25 minutes. I woke up at 4:AM, eat and left by At 5 to 5:AM I was at the Portal.

It was so dark I could not see a thing. I used the time to store everything with scent I did not need for my hike into the metal storage contains.