Microsoft SQL Server Interview Questions, Answers and Explanations

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Whizlabs Blog. Most Common SQL Azure Interview Questions and Answers If you are going to face an interview for the job of SQL Azure expert in any of the organizations, it is very important to prepare well for it and you have to know about some of the most common SQL Azure interview questions that will be asked in the interview.

What is SQL Azure? What will happen when SQL Azure database will reach the max size? What are the limitations of SQL Azure database size currently? In SQL Azure, which encryption security is available? Get Started Today 5. What is SQL Azure firewall? How many of the databases can you create in the single server? How many servers can you create in the single subscription? Can you explain about the SQL Azure security?

What will be the differences between business edition and web edition? Which tools are available for the management of SQL Azure service and databases? How will you back up the SQL Azure data?

Practice SQL Questions asked in Interviews

How will you handle the data sets having a size larger than 50 GB? How can you improve the performance of SQL Azure databases? What is the code new application topology? What are the latest updates for SQL Azure services? When will the workload on SQL schedule get throttled? What are the benefits of a Sharded Database? The types of Subqueries are: Single Row — It returns only one row. Multiple Row — It returns multiple rows. Multiple Column — It returns multiple columns to the main query.

They are automatically executed or triggered when the data gets modified. Collation — It is defined to specify the sort order and there are three sort orders. Binary Case sensitive Case insensitive. When the triggers are fired for any DML command, insert and delete tables are created, these tables are called Magic tables in SQL server.

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These tables are used inside the triggers for transactions. State the difference between Local and Global temporary tables? Local temporary table — These tables are invisible when there is a connection and are deleted when it is closed. SQL injection — SQL injection is an attack by malicious users in which the malicious code is inserted into the strings that are passed to an instance of SQL server for parsing and execution.

All the statements have to be checked for the vulnerabilities as they execute all syntactically valid queries received. The parameters can also be changed by the experienced and skilled attackers. What methods do you follow to protect from SQL injection attack?

MySQL DBA Certification Training

What is filter index? It is used to filter some of the rows in a table in order to improve the performance, index maintenance and reduce the index storage cost. The logical operators are basically used to test the truths of conditions. ALL — It returns true if all the set of operations are true. AND — It returns true if the Boolean expressions are true.

IN — It returns true if the operand is equal to one of the lists of expressions. ANY — It returns true if any of the set of comparisons is true. OR — It returns true if either of the Boolean expression is true. SOME — It returns true if some of the set of comparisons are true.

Explain the commands in SQL Server?

10 Essential SQL Server Interview Questions {Updated For }

It is similar to that of JOIN command. Interview questions.

Power BI came into existence in late after Microsoft had decided to combine multiples excel add-ons to create a complete new and independent tool. It is used for preparing and delivering interactive and variety of printed reports. Below is the series 1. Mindmajix has collected the most popular SSRS interview questions and answers for both freshers and experienced which are asked often in several SSRS interviews. The issue is you will need to express the answer in your words and imagination will come out in the front of their interviewers.

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From basics up to questions asked on advanced concepts of SQL have been also covered in this article. Vicky Oliver, author of Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions, suggests indicating your next point of contact by saying something along the lines of. Technical interview questions and answers section on "SQL Server Common Questions" with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Answer: The logical table created at the BMM layer can be based on the data from a single physical layer table, when it is called single Logical Table source.

If you are looking for ASP. To perform well and get your dream job, you have to prepare in advance. Interview Questions ASP. I have an exe configured under windows scheduler to perform timely operations on a set of data. Net framework 4. There is. The exe calls stored procs to retrieve data and perform some calcualtions and updates the data back to a different database.

As a part of this transition, my current employer has requested that I come up with a list of interview questions for them to ask my successor. Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 1 of 38 Top 20 ssrs interview questions and answers 2. Questions will keep on adding and hence try to visit this page when ever you have to give an interview on SSRS.

SQL Server Professional Development Interview Questions DBA Tips

Here we are publishing series of posts on SSIS Interview questions with answers for experienced and freshers. Interview questions and practice tests are one of the quickest ways to evaluate one's knowledge on the subject area. I'm looking for SSRS interview questions and answers.

SQL Server Reporting Service is one of the server-based software systems that generate reports developed by Microsoft.